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Officially Closing December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Dear Friends of the Michael Fund Family,

As National Director of the International Foundation/Michael Fund for almost four decades, I am confident that when I use the word family it is the word that best expresses the relationship between the Michael Fund and its donors.

As with all families, there is always some good news and some sad news. This letter is about both.

It is my sad task to announce that the Michael Fund, after years of service to the Prolife Movement, especially to pre-born children, infants, toddlers, teens and adults with Down syndrome and their families, will be officially closing its door on December 31, 2015.

The closure is due in part to a dwindling source of financial resources, especially large corporate grants which are necessary to continue our clinical trials, and personally, to my declining health over the last two years which have resulted in multiple surgeries.

The good news is that thanks to the outstanding work and devotion of Dr. Paddy-Jim Baggot, our Director of Medical Research, we have reached many of the goals set forth when the Michael Fund was created in the late 1970s as the prolife alternative to the March of Dimes. If you have not had the opportunity to review Dr. Baggot’s latest video on new avenues of Down syndrome research please go to .

This Christmas letter is the last appeal you will receive from the Michael Fund. The donations from this mailing - every cent of it – will go towards the funding of our final grant to Dr. Baggot to enable him to continue to publish and promote his findings on Down syndrome therapies, before and after birth. These are the findings made possible by your past donations. We do not want all this valuable research data to disappear. We want to have these research findings promoted worldwide. I hope you will agree.

Donations which reach our office by December 31, 2015 will be tax-exempt. If you would like to include a letter of thanks to Dr. Baggot please include this with your donation.

My deepest appreciation also to our Treasurer, Jim Grab, for his many years of service and to our Board of Directors for their support.

As for myself, please stay in touch with me either through the U.S. Coalition for Life at or I can be reached by phone at 724-327-7379.

God bless and keep you,


Randy Engel, Director, The IFGR/MF


The Pro-Life Alternative to the March of Dimes




 The Michael Fund Mission

 Since The Michael Fund was created in 1978, it has been loyal to its original four-fold mission:TMF_PIC.jpg

 · First, to raise sufficient funds through direct contributions to support an international pro-life genetic research program aimed at finding treatments for chromosomal disorders including Trisomy 21, the most common and non-inherited form of Down syndrome. And to make our research findings available to others conducting similar research in related areas of genetic and metabolic birth disorders.


· Second, to advocate and encourage efforts to improve the care, treatment, education, evaluation and habituation of children with Down syndrome and related chromosomal anomalies which result in mental retardation, to the benefit of themselves, their families, and communities.


· Third, to serve as a defender of the rights of physically and mentally handicapped persons – born and pre-born – most especially the right-tolife upon which all other rights are predicated.


· Fourth, to stem and reverse the growing tide of eugenic abortion of affected pre-born children and the euthanasia murder of handicapped children and adults in the United States and abroad. This issue and the next of The Friends of the Michael Fund Newsletter are dedicated to furthering this objective.


Randy Engel
Executive Director


The Michael Fund
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